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MRI - 3T/1.5T - MAGNETOM SKYRA - Total Imaging Matrix - 4th Generation, Ultrafast Scan with Neuro and MSK Quite Suite. Go Brain - 5 min Fast Scan

MDCT - Fast and Precise Imaging. SAFIRE - Low Dose CT. Inline Computer Aided Detection (CAD)

ULTRASOUND - GE Logiq S7 R2, P9, F8 - Cross Beam Imaging, XD Clear, CEUS

2D ECHO - STIC/Omniview. Auto IMT/EF

BMD-DEXA - GE Lunar Prodigy Advance - Encore/FRAX Software with Auto Analysis. Subject Trend Analysis

Mammography - Mammomat - Automated Exposure control for Extremely Low Radiation Dose. Swivel Arm with Compression for Maximum Subject Comfort

ECG/ENMG/EEG - Mac 2000 - Cutting Edge Marquette, 12 Lead ECG with Analysis Program and Resting ECG

TMT - Mac 5500/Cardiosoft - Digital Signal with ECG Analysis Algorithms

Computed Radiography - Image Intelligence with High Speed Processing, SAR with High Efficiency Dry Imager


LCMS - Newborn Screening/Metabolic Disorders/ Vitamins/ Immunosuppressants

Genexpert- Tuberculosis

Immunocap- Allergy Screening

Liquid Based Cytology- Cervical Cancer

PRISCA - An Advanced Prenatal Risk Calculation System

HPLC - Automated System for Diabetic & Thalassemia Testing

Immuno Fixation Electrophoresis– Cancers

Cytogenetics - Chromosomal Disorders

Immunofluorescence - Autoimmune Disorders

Multiplex RT PCR - Molecular Diagnostics

Automated Clinical Chemistry Systems

Flow Cytometry - Analysis of Blood & Body Fluid in Routine Hematology /Immunophenotyping

Nephelometry – Quick & Accurate Measurement of Plasma Proteins /Immunoglobulins

Automated Microbial Identification and AST Systems

Immunohistochemistry - Histopathology

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Keeping your diagnostic needs in mind, Tenet offers a range of facilities and services to make diagnostics and reporting as convenient as possible for your lifestyle. After all, our job is to make your life a little bit easier.



Imaging, Radiology & Pathology

Houses Pathology, Radiology and Imaging - A 360 degree diagnosis.


Radiology & Pathology

Specialises in Radiology and Pathology.




For accurate, quick and convenient Pathology tests.



Collects blood samples from your home.