tenent-diagnostics RADIOLOGY

Radiology provides critical inputs when doctors and physicians are in the process of determining and identifying a patient’s medical problem. Reliable radiology services are essential for medical professionals to confirm or negate certain medical conditions. At Tenet, every procedure is supervised by our team of highly qualified and experienced Radiologists, to ensure that the results are accurate and clinically relevant to enable better diagnosis. With our commitment to reliable, accurate and responsive diagnosis, Tenet houses a complete spectrum of radiology services like the High Resolution 3D Ultrasound and 64 slice Cardiac CT scanner.


MRI - 3T/1.5T - MAGNETOM SKYRA - Total Imaging Matrix - 4th Generation, Ultrafast Scan with Neuro and MSK Quite Suite. Go Brain - 5 min Fast Scan

MDCT - Fast and Precise Imaging. SAFIRE - Low Dose CT. Inline Computer Aided Detection (CAD)

ULTRASOUND - GE Logiq S7 R2, P9, F8 - Cross Beam Imaging, XD Clear, CEUS

2D ECHO - STIC/Omniview. Auto IMT/EF

BMD-DEXA - GE Lunar Prodigy Advance - Encore/FRAX Software with Auto Analysis. Subject Trend Analysis

Mammography - Mammomat-Automated Exposure control for Extremely Low Radiation Dose. Swivel Arm with Compression for Maximum Subject Comfort

ECG/ENMG/EEG - Mac 2000 - Cutting Edge Marquette, 12 Lead ECG with Analysis Program and Resting ECG

TMT - Mac 5500/Cardiosoft - Digital Signal with ECG Analysis Algorithms

Computed Radiography - Image Intelligence with High Speed Processing, SAR with High Efficiency Dry Imager

mdct lab test

tenent-diagnostics PATHOLGY

To monitor your health status better, pathology testing helps not just to diagnose or test a disease but to prevent it as well, by detecting possible precursors. These services include tests done on clinical specimens for the purpose of obtaining relevant information of your health to define appropriate health and lifestyle precautions. Some procedures are invasive while others are not. Our main aim is to provide quality services focused on prevention and early detection of diseases, using latest technology, sophisticated equipment and follow stringent quality measures. With our complete spectrum of services from routine tests such as CBP or Blood Glucose to highly specialized investigations for infectious diseases, cancer markers, hormonal assays, therapeutic drug assays etc. Each individual discipline is headed by experienced, professionally qualified medical doctors supported by a team of qualified and trained technologists. All quantitative investigations are undertaken on fully automated state of art the analyzers, to eliminate the chance of any human error.


LCMS - Newborn Screening/Metabolic Disorders/Vitamins/Immunosuppressants

Genexpert - Tuberculosis

Immunocap - Allergy Screening

Liquid Based Cytology - Cervical Cancer

PRISCA - An Advanced Prenatal Risk Calculation System

HPLC - Automated System for Diabetic & Thalassemia Testing

Immuno Fixation Electrophoresis – Cancers

Cytogenetics - Chromosomal Disorders

Immunofluorescence - Autoimmune Disorders

Multiplex RT PCR - Molecular Diagnostics

Automated Clinical Chemistry Systems

Flow Cytometry - Analysis of Blood & Body Fluid in Routine
Hematology / Immunophenotyping

Nephelometry – Quick & Accurate Measurement of Plasma
Proteins / Immunoglobulins

Automated Microbial Identification and AST Systems

Immunohistochemistry - Histopathology


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